Fishing Rates


Striped Bass Charters

This rate covers 1-3 anglers, tackle and gear. For fly trips, the price covers 1-2 anglers.
Half Day -$400
3/4 Day -$500
Full Day – $600

 Weldon Rates (live bait)
This rate covers 1-3 anglers, tackle, gear and live shad.
5 hours – $600
7 hours – $800

 Weldon Spawn on the Fly
This rate covers 2 anglers.
$100 per hour
Split Full Day – $900

Trophy Red Drum Charters

Rate covers 1-3 anglers, all gear, tackle and license.
5 hours – $600
7 hours – $800
Split Full Day – $1000.00
Full Day and Lodge – $1000
Split Full Day and Lodge – $1200

*Lodging price is subject to differ depending on special request*


Rate covers 1-3 anglers, gear, tackle and saltwater license.
7 hours – $800

Flounder, Trout and Inshore Slams

Rate covers 1-3 anglers, gear, tackle and saltwater license
Half Day – $400
3/4 Day – $500
Full Day – $600

Citation Class Shark

Rate covers 1-3 anglers, gear, tackle and license
6 hours – $600

False Albacore

Rate covers 1-3 anglers, all tackle, gear and license
6 hours – $600

Bream, Crappie and Panfish

Rate covers 1-3 anglers, all gear and tackle
Half Day – $300
3/4 Day – $400
Full Day – $500

Sweetwater Lake

Rate covers all gear, tackle and license for 1-4 anglers
$100 per hour, 2 hour minimum

Add Round of Sporting Clays

Rate covers a full round on a professional course for 1-3 participants, all shells, gun, clays, eye and ear protection, fully automated system and cart.

Deposit Policy:

To confirm reservations, a $200.00 per boat per day deposit is due within 10 days. Deposits for reservations within 14 days must be secured immediately. Reservations not secured with deposits are subject to cancellation WITHOUT notice. Deposits are NOT refundable, but are transferable if cancelled greater than 30 days from the date of trip. 100% refunds on weather cancellations. Weather Cancellations are at the sole discretion of the Captain. Rain is not a reason for a weather cancellation and we encourage you to bring rain gear regardless of the weather forecast. Eminent danger from lighting, hurricane warnings and conditions deemed unsafe by the Captain are justification for weather cancellations. Anyadjustments to the price of trips shortened due to weather are at the sole discretion of the Captain.

FishIBX Policy:

Alcohol is allowed, if at any time anyone in the party becomes intoxicated it is at the Captains discretion to terminate the trip with the balance of the trip due in full. Unsafe maneuvers or neglect, that results in loss or damage will be charged to the party. In the case a scheduled Captain has an emergency on a booked date, FishIBX will provide another Captain to cover the outing. In the case all our qualified Captains are booked your deposit will be refunded or the date will be transferred.


We gladly accept Visa, Master, American, checks and cash. FishIBX appreciates your business and welcomes you to become part of their fishing family. Don’t miss the prime windows, secure your date with a deposit through PayPal.