4 Rivers in 4 days, Pamlico, Roanoke, Tar, Neuse

A couple times a year I will fish all the “Inner Banks” river systems just to see what’s going down.  The past few years I’ve done  the Roanoke, Pamlico, Neuse for the “best of” in early July successfully landing high volume Stripers, Trophy Reds and Trophy Tarpon.  This three river hop was kind of a self competition that has become a FishIBX showcase and lucky enough I have a few customers that also love the IBX challenge.  So with the risk of trying new adventures comes the other side of the coin which is addiction.  Yes, the IBX challenge has become a bit of an addiction to me and this year I’ve expanded.  The first run came this week.  4 rivers, 4 days, set of TFO Rods, hit the water and find my customer the best bite that showcases that system for that day!  This is how it went down….

Day 1 Pamlico River

Fog so thick you couldn’t see, plug went down on the trolling motor, no worries….  Got a few Stripers on top, landed some Trout.  Ended up landing 3 species on the half day.

Day 2 Roanoke River

Top Water Stripers, Bowfin, Gar, Largemouth Bass……smoke

Day 3 Tar River

Fat Bream

Day 4  Neuse River

Blowing white caps straight up the river, had tho dig but got them!