Introducing a new way to target Trophy Red Drum!

Haven’t posted in a while because the wheels have been turning and burning…..  Countless hours on the water hunting Trophy Red Drum under slower conditions than we’ve had in past years equals less time behind the computer.  But, for the customers that know me, that have fished with me, they know if I miss their call or I’m a day or two behind on email, it’s simply because the outboard is running or I have wet hands or I’m busting it to put someone on their next trophy.  Well all is good and the grind has paid off.  Over the past few weeks, customers have been having a blast watching huge Reds bust my custom plugs and I’ve got all the details worked out on yet another style of catching thats not limited by conditions.  The best part is these Trophy fish will knock the rod out of your hands with yet another style of fishing I have to offer.  Come experience what I’ve been working on, you’ll see this fishery from a total new prospective!