Weather Prediction Not Cool

Well, we had a set date, bounced it due to rain and rescheduled to fish a cold but sunny day. Sunny with little wind was on every forecast by the way. We arrived the day of our newly scheduled adventure and at the ramp, not even a duck hunter. Wind was more than predicted, clouds were heavy, little snow flake now and again but we had a mission. Needless to say the weather was “cold enough to freeze the balls off an iron monkey”, nonetheless this trip was about a score, one bite on the right rod would make the day. Needless to say God gave us that bite and I’m certain Santa got a little smile.  That TFO rod now has a few more species under it’s belt and from the looks, it’s in the right hands to tag many more.  NC has another youth angler that can certainly hold his own!  Rock on Davis….