Come See Us At CLFF Fly Tying Event

We have a fantastic lineup of Fly Tying Instructors for January 17, 2015. 10 AM till 1PM at the Morehead Park and Rec Building. Please come and bring a friend!

2015 CLFF Fly Tying Lineup

Lance Flood Back Country Flies

Captain John Mauser Red Fish Patterns

Parker Bateman Wooly Bugger

Captain Doug Sinclair Deer Hair Flies

Captain Bill Strakele Shark Flies

Tom Tempel Clousers

Bob Campbell Midges

Greg Hurt Shad Flies

Captain Joe Shute King Mackerel Fly

Pat Curley Half and Half

Ken Eiler Deceiver

Jason Baker Game Changer

Todd Cox Flat Wing

Albert Bruno

Bruce MacLachlan Gurgler and Davy Wotten Shad

Ken Schmidt

Jim Williams

Project Healing Waters Sea Ducer

Project Healing Waters Shad dart

John Snipes and Sons Clouser, Red Fish patterns, Half and Half

Lee Dixon Tie your First Fly

Capt. Mitchell Blake / Kaden Blake  Freestyle