Long Time Customer

Gill was one of my very first customers, must of started fishing together over 12 years ago.  I remember our first outing, running way up Devils Gut bumping over logs, zigging under trees.  I knew he had hired Captains for guided trips before but I could tell by the look on his eyes he had never been on trip exactly like what he was experiencing that day.  I knew the area, knew it well, at the time I had fished it for over 20 years and had it timed just right to make the boat slide over the jams.  Once we settled in and started casting I told him Weldon wouldn’t hold a candle to what he was about to experience.  Well, Gill has returned to the low ground now for over a decade.  He’s watched me grow a business, he’s watched hidden fisheries develop,  he’s fished some of the best. Now, Gill fishes the run.  Starting on the Albemarle Sound he’s one of the few that follows the school all the way to Weldon and back out.  Gill, I appreciate your business and look forward to more good times and released Stripers.  Here is a shot of his last outing with over 40 more released from a half day while fishing with our team.