Weldon Striped Bass, Rockfish Capital

I’ve often said Weldon could get a run for it’s money from the low ground but I understand how it gets it’s name.  Even on tough years like this, you can still land plenty of Rockfish.  Don’t forget to add the many varieties of fishing Weldon offers which certainly make it a very attractive place to fish.  But If you know me you know I enjoy finding fish and matching my customers favorite fishing techniques.  That’s right even in Weldon I try my best to put anglers one on one with the fish.  The past few days have offered some good fishing with fish coming on fly, casting and even a live bait or two thrown in the mix.  As you can see in the pics below 0 boats and the parking lots a full house…..so if you say you would like to fish Weldon but don’t care for the crowd, give me a call, I’ll take you to your own school.

IMG_1276 IMG_1260 IMG_1274 IMG_1261