Past Few Days, Roanoke River, Upper and Lower

Upper Roanoke is as good as it gets on the Fly, Spawning fish are doing their thing putting on a show!  Lower River is also jamming with fish eating the mass exit of Shad.  The fish aren’t everywhere but when you find them, my-my-my.  Yesterday I took a little time to explore with Hunter Albea and the COJ HD camera,  we kept the fly rods bent to bluegills on poppers….that should be a good one.  Also a big thanks to Capt. George and Anna Beckwith, Capt. Scooter Lilley and Capt Greg Volvia along with Capt Gary Dubile and Capt Joe Ward.  They all chipped in to make sure I was back on the water quickly and put my customers on some of the best NC has to offer the few days I was down.