It’s Fishing

Over the past few weeks…..

Crazy hit or miss bite in the salt, nothing to do with skill, you can’t catch a fish that’s not there.  Talked to my buddies with the state and the research crews are struggling to find target species in the Salt portions of the rivers. So with that said, I’ve covered a ton of ground this year and decided to move back in the freshwater for a trip or two .  Today we landed deep in the triple digits on Bream and put 9 species in the boat on a half day trip.  My customer said it was one of the best fishing trips he’s ever been on!  I don’t care who you are, pullage cures all.

Now keeping a constant check on the salt and keeping an eye on my Tarpon I have this to say, something happened overnight and it’s like someone flipped a switch.  Fish everywhere, willing and able.  Yes in the same desert that wouldn’t produce the week before.  How long will it last?  Don’t know but I’m going to try to make up some lost ground and if you want a fish fry don’t underestimate that freshwater bite.

As for the Tarpon, I’m headed out for bait after dinner.