Triple Digits

Couple old friends for a pm run, wanting to pull on some fish.  These boys love to pull on a Shad, Crappie, Striper, Bluegill, Trout, you name it.  I could tell these cats were seasoned.  I was somewhat worried because I knew they’ve seen some of NC’s best fishing and I wanted to offer something that would create a memory.  They had their own gear, nothing special, just what they liked. One even brought his own little bag of smoke’m in case I didn’t have what the fish wanted.

Needless to say he made the first cast and his rod bowed before I could tie a jig on.  By the time I got two knots tied he was releasing his third fish.  These gentlemen absolutely put on a clinic with more fish than I could release at a time.  End of the day went in the triple digits as I kept a dehooker wide open.  Never a wind knot, never a missed cast, not even a hang up.  This crew worked like a machine as jokes and laughs remained constant.  At the end of the day the boys said that was as good as the Roanoke in it’s hay day.  That was my goal and an ultimate compliment.  I never got the first photo, didn’t have time….