Pamlico Light Tarpon Tournament

A small group of Tarpon anglers gathered to do something we enjoy and that’s try our luck to tie on a NC Tarpon.  This fish is second to none and many anglers in this area fish here all their lives to never see one.  To a select few, the hunt of this fish is worth all the effort.  Everything has to be perfect, I’m talking perfect to get your shot.  It’s finding fish, setting up right, all the right bait with the right presentation, the right gear, the right knot, the right leader, the right hook set, the right angler moves, the right calls, the right timing, the right boat maneuvers, the right area free of obstruction, the right conditions, the absence of others running through your fish or slick, the call to hold or fold,  the right weather, the right place at the right time and so much more.  As you can see this fishery is somewhat crazy and that describes the Silver King.  No doubt, this fish is one of the most exciting fish you will ever catch!  After seeing it done it will make you try again and again and again.

So results of the tournament, a few anglers set up blind and a few went hunting.  All in, the fish didn’t show, I think maybe 6 or 7 fish were seen by the group by 10ish.  I myself felt good about the area I took a stand but after two hours passed I decided to make a move.  After pulling the hook to relocate and traveling maybe a mile the wind shifted.  I told my customers we moved too soon.  Within 15 min. a team called in a jumped fish.  Sometimes that’s all it takes, your around fish that will not bite and suddenly a wind shift makes them fire off.  Some more time passed and the same team gets another shot, this time the hook sets.  Deep down inside all anglers fishing can feel the excitement.  About 15 min later it’s announced the fish broke off, Tarpon wins.  Shortly after storms rolled up making unsafe conditions.

Hats off to the teams that came out, we’ll get them next time.