Quest For Trophy Reds

Every year is different, every tide offers a new slate, every weather pattern changes what transpired yesterday.  As a guide I read what the day offers and do the best I can to put my anglers on an outstanding fishing experience.  This time of year is even more tricky as we pursue a trophy class fish.  A fish that is the largest, oldest and most wise of it’s species.  It didn’t reach 40 to 50 inches and beyond by dumb luck.  It’s survived the nets, it’s made it past the keeper slot and has certainly seen it’s share of presentations from anglers.  It’s even made it through Mother Nature’s aquatic world of dog eat dog.  These fish have reached a maturity level that puts them at the top. Lets put it this way, when you land a Trophy Class Red you might be holding a fish as old or older than you are.