Ice and Fowl

Many might not know but I cut my teeth in the  guiding world over two decades ago.  My interest at the time was running parties over a stand of waterfowl blocks.  I had layouts, pole blinds, float rigs, marsh blinds, I guess you could say I had the bases covered.  After several years of running fishing became my focus for many reasons.  So I sold all my hunting equipment did what I had to do and concentrated on becoming the best I could be on Eastern NC’s top fisheries.  Looking back, the hard work and dedication has allowed me to expand bringing on new guides and relationships.  These same gentlemen know what we have to offer in Eastern NC and they too love all aspects of the outdoors from fishing to hunting to simply taking in the sites.  Eastern NC is truly a special place.  Nothing giving, we work hard to deliver the best of what we do.  So I’ve talked it over with the boys that are guiding with me and I’m going to extend some oppertunites offering some of our property, blinds and hunting leases.  Sometimes it’s simply to cold to fish and my guys are driven so if it’s a duck blind that your looking ,maybe a little time in the deer stand or an a.m. in the turkey blind this coming Spring, give us a call, we’ve got a place for you.