White Shad, Others, The Spawn

Some anglers wait on specific science to surface, I just wanted to share what I’ve seen on the water in Eastern NC this season.  Neuse River-  I’ve caught some Shad this year with an increased number of White Shad from years past.  Also caught some Herring watching them spawning on the lower portions of the river.  A lot of questions about these anadramus runs of fish.  Do they return to the rivers in which they derived from?  Is there even enough flow in these rivers to support the future of these fish?  Are we seeing what’s left of the last?  Are studies outdated?  Are there answers but it’s going to hurt?   I know, serious stuff, but when I look at these fish, I can’t help but think about the Striped Bass situation we’re facing.  Two agencies governing with a seemingly separation of ideas, science, politics and approach (STB).  Hmm.  May the fish win in this I hope.  And maybe my statement is way off……just my take on the outside looking in.