8″ Of Rain….. Hmm from the guides

Please note the policy page, cancellations are “Captains call” and we normally don’t cancel unless conditions are unsafe or it’s a named storm.  Now I’m going to put it straight, if we can’t put you on fish I would back down and send you your deposit back or, if we go and we don’t produce to our standard then guess what?  We are having you back on us to make it good.

We have decades of experience fishing the Inner Banks on a full time basis.  Rain, snow, Sun, Overcast, Hot, Cold, Frozen, bumps and bruises, we’ve been in this long enough to have seen a little of it all.   Please don’t get caught up in “the word on the street” or assume the bite is off.

So, how are we going to handle this event?  We will combine the knowledge of our full time guides and offer you the best fishing on the Inner Banks just like we do every week.