Trophy Redfish, Book Now

If you thinking about booking a Trophy Red Drum trip you need to do so now.  Only a few dates left.  Please keep in mind artificials  for Trophy Reds is our specialty.  Constantly moving, looking and hunting fish and the results can be rewarding!   Here are a few shots from last years Aug fishing!


Whats the difference when researching a guide or style of fishing?

  1.  Bait verses artificials-  sometimes we have to use bait, mostly due to weather or slow fishing or customers that are unfamiliar with casting.  What I can say I’ve chased Trophy Reds for over two decades and my largest fish have all come on artificials with the exception of 1, that one was 10 years ago and the guy has a replica mount of the fish on his wall.  Is casting easy, no.  It’s one of those things you get out what you put into it.  The further you cast the more time the lure is in the water and the better chances of hooking up.  So be prepared to cast a LOT and make every cast as good as the first.  People always ask how many fish will I catch?  Well, Mark Davis, Myself and Jay put 20 citations on in two days of casting and the fishing was somewhat slow.   More to come on this as it looks like we may have a great season starting any day now.