2018 Fishing Weather Thus Far

Well, it’s March.  So far for 2018 we’ve had the largest freeze I recall in my 40 years, Jan.  In late Feb you could wear shorts.  March the wind put the Pamlico at a record low, like 6 foot of water low.  From March 2 to March 9 the water fell 14 degrees and on March 12 I’m watching it snow.

Someone asked me the other day if I kept a log book to improve my fishing from year to year. LOL, the weather is so extreme I don’t know if patterns even exist anymore.  I don’t keep a log, I read the water every time I fish as it’s very very seldom the same from day to day much less year to year.

I guide by three rules, don’t count on  yesterdays fish, you will never know unless you go and deposits lock dates.

Despite all, I’ve managed to stay on a good bite!.