Sweet Water Lake

Some folks have been to the lake, some have heard about it, some don’t have a clue.

So what got me started on the lake to begin with?  I’d have to say management.  Imagine a fishery that had the interest of the angler in mind.  Yep that about sums it up.  Managing a lake to produce high volume mixed bag species takes a lot of time and energy.  It is a system which takes knowledge about the species and all of it’s environment.

The lake also offers three key components my customers often request.  1. Action.  No doubt I manage the lake for action.  I manage the lake to produce a fishing experience that can’t be matched in the state of NC.  2.  No hassle.  Well it’s 34 acres and all to yourself in a private setting.  No one to cut you off, get on your spot, say you got to close, run over the fish, spook the fish, no traffic, no houses, no others to even look at, holiday and weekends no others to compete with, no laws that say if you can keep a fish or what size fish, no nets, no trawls, no license, no muddy water, no high water, no low water, no “they flooded the river”, no bullshit.  Fish how you like and relax over willing fish.  3. Comfort.  22 foot pontoon boat has 4 areas to fish, and plenty of room to relax.   Also no boat run on the cold days, your out of the wind on the windy days and if you I need to explain more you probably aren’t fishing anyways.

Check out a short clip on youtube from the other day.  1Fish2Fish  STRIPER FISHING North Carolina in Winter with NONSTOP CATCHES.

No it’s not for everyone, but if you like to crush fish it’s for you!  Stripers, Bass, Crappie, Bream and Carp.  Fly or light tackle and yes it is kid friendly.  Fact is, it will spoil a kid and that’s how I want it when it comes to catching fish.