Trophy Red Drum Season

I haven’t posted throughout Trophy Season as our trips were mostly booked prior to the season start.  At times we were running 4-7 guides deep and our focus was directed to the fishing on hand verses posting our positions.  Needless to say, it was one the best seasons of catching we’ve seen in a couple years.

As for hurricane Florence, what a mess.  It hit us in prime season and basically shut us down.  It shut down our entire fishing village and community.  We did manage to fish right up to the storms approach with the best numbers of fish we’ve seen for the season.  But Mother Nature flexed and after the fact we had to pull together to get the community back in order to start a recovery process.  Some of the guides lost everything, some made it through and goes the same for folks and businesses that surround the area we call home.  So we did what we know, give a hand to get people back up and try to salvage our prime season and livelihood.  Guiding the waters of the Inner Banks is what we do, salvaging the prime season has been all but obsolete.  We’ve gone back to the fishing grounds with the Reds still chewing and tried to promote the catches but the power of disruption to the season has triumphed all efforts to get folks to fish.

Our plans?  I’m launching a new site that will cover all options from Hunting to Fishing and we will continue to do our best to bring you the best of the outdoors.  Look for more to come as the beach fishing is firing off and we are anticipating some Trout action as always for Oct.!

Stay Safe and God be with those in need,

Mitchell Blake