Shad Fishing The Roanoke River, Tar River and Neuse River

Each outing, I launch the boat turning on the electronics as my eyes glance to the surface temp.  I know as the days get longer, Mother Nature will respond with change.  Some anglers know all about the rivers response to longer days, increasing temp and increased flows.  All this brings new life giving direction for teaming Shad and Striper runs.  And let’s not forget Herring.   They used to be thick enough to dip from the waters edge.  After guiding on the system professionally for 20 years combined with another 15 years of play,  I can say I’ve witnessed a few changes.  Some are positive some I think back to the good ole days.

I’ve watched Herring decline to the point I didn’t catch them on hook and line.  The past few  years have certainly reversed that.  Now I see them flicking and cutting in the trees like 20 years ago, enough that we target them on Fly, light tackle and even catch em’ while I’m in pursuit of Shad.  By the way, the Shad are running!  Come join me for an outing.

Mitchell Blake