Take A Kid Fishing, Lower Roanoke River, Florida Fishing Products

In an effort to introduce the next generation of anglers, Florida Fishing Products boosted a campaign to get kids on the water.  As a guide, I was honored to partner in the program.  I was especially honored to have two kids that already have a love for the outdoors.  With that said, I knew they would want action.

I had several choices on were to fish but I narrowed down to the Lower Roanoke River for several reasons.  The wind has been blowing nonstop so I tossed out Trout fishing options.  I didn’t want to hit Weldon and deal with the crowd and I knew the Lower Roanoke would offer Stripers, Bass, Bream.  A true mixed bag opportunity even though it would be the most technical.  Mostly due to flooded conditions from upstream releases.

So the day of the trip, the Lower Roanoke it was.   Each stop produced fish and multiple species.  Some were small Rockfish, some fish between 18-20 inches, some that got away, and some we landed and released.  LOL, this included several species.  All together we caught fish on jigs, bucktails, jerk baits and fly and closed out the day with mixed bag releases and smiles.