Bassin’ for Cats!

As a guide in Eastern NC, I strive to deliver options that fit the needs and wants of verstile anglers.   This season I’ve been working to expose a new style fishery on the freshwater side.  With limits being cut on recreational anglers, in some cases to the point they are no longer fishing, I decided to work on a “keeper fishery”.  Maybe this is the answer to anglers that are thinking about an inshore charter with a big ole fish fry in mind.

I was running a trip this year on post spawn Stripers  and my crew was having a great time, must of landed 40 Stripers when they decided they wanted one for dinner.  Sorry it’s closed season…..  But I had an idea.  I changed lures and locations.  I had an old trick I had up my sleeve on some aggressive Cats  that would thump a lure like a 10 pound Bass, a 7 pound Trout or a 10 pound Striper.

Upon a few cast explaining the bite using artificial lures I set the hook.  20 pound Cat!  2 pound Cat!  10 pound Cat…..  My best last week was a  28 pound Cat caught on med action rod, 3000 class reel and fishing just like you would for Bass, Trout, Flounder or any other species I normally target.

The customers have been able to seek all the rewards of a day on the water and an excellent meal following.

Come give it a try, #thetugisthedrug