Casting for Cats

I have no idea if it will create some buzz but what I can say is fits what some anglers define as a perfect trip.

  1.  Anglers want to catch fish, some aren’t satisfied unless it’s quality fish.   (My past 4 trips for cats has produced several fish in the 20 pound range and outstanding numbers.  Now keep in mind this is casting artificial lures on light tackle!)
  2. Anglers want the option to eat fish they catch.     (Blue and Channel Cats make delicious meals.  You can keep the size class you prefer.  There isn’t a limit. There isn’t a slot.  Catching Cats is a solid option for keeper fish)
  3. Anglers want to experience a good time.     (Cats can be targeted either casting artificial lures or chunking baits out.  Cats will provide entertainment for all ages!   If you like to catch fish, small, large, and in numbers, then this is a good time.)
  4. Angers want to relax.     (As a guide there are fisheries that have narrow bite windows, there are fish that are only in certain areas.  Mess around and show up late or have someone sitting on the X when you show up or they netted your hot stretch of river last night…. and your day might not be what you were expecting.  For Cats the chance of someone being on the X’s is slim.  There is somewhere you can fish and have a productive day.)
  5. Cats provide excitement no matter the skill level!