Rain, Raining Stripers Or Just Raining Rain. Stripers/Flow/Fishing?….

Ladies and gentleman I’m going to do a little backyard science for you.  This is something every angler needs to start thinking about and ask the science to be delivered.  For our SOUTHERN rivers, if it takes flow to produce Stripers then 2020 and 2021 should see a huge spike in stock.

Record Rain should = Record Flow

Years of closed season should = massive recruitment

Add this together and it equals?

One other thing I would like to add as we forget things so fast this day in time, 2020 Southern Rivers had some of the largest fish kills that I can remember.  They were not covered in detail but last for 3-4 months in length….

As a full time guide this is how you spend your time trying to predict what’s to come, setting short and long term goals so you can concentrate on high volume fisheries for your customers.